Michelle Treacy Millinery Testimonial

“I’d been making hats on a very part time basis for years but wanted to launch myself properly as a serious milliner. I found Niav on Facebook and realized firstly that she did great hat blocks which I immediately ordered! My favourite were the teardrop and both large discs! 

I then figured there is little point in having great blocks if you do not use them properly ! So I booked a group course with Niav where I learned how to use the blocks and that fantastic material Buckram!! 

I was completely hooked by Niav’s lovely manner and excellent Millinery skills ! I then went back for her leather course and booked numerous one-on-one days to upskill. 

Niav was instrumental in my launching my business! She was a fantastic teacher and mentor. Michelle Treacy Millinery has since had a hat win best dressed at the Scottish Grand National, feature in the advertising campaign for Visit Kilkenny , been featured in local and national media and had gone from strength to strength over the past 6 months!! 

I cannot recommend Niav enough!!”

Michelle Treacy

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