Care of Hat Blocks

Thank you for buying a Hat Block/s from Niav Riley. Please read this carefully as it concerns the care of your Hat Block. Although the wood that has been used to make your hat block has been fully dried out, wood can be very sensitive to temperature and light.

To maintain your Hat blocks:

Keep out of direct sunlight
Do not display close to or on top of a radiator/stove/fireplace.

We would suggest while you are not using your Block to wrap it in bubble wrap.

Niav works closely with a local wood-turner who likes to work with a range of quality Irish wood. Both of us are members of the Crafts Council of Ireland, and have many decades of experience between us!

Blocking Pins

You may have ordered/purchased blocking pins already. Most of those pins are suitable for a slightly softer wood. You may want to use a sturdier pin – and remember they work much better when put in at an angle.

Thank you for supporting 2 unique Irish Businesses!
Niav Riley

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